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free Tibet from Dalai Lama

English Transcription of the second video, from beginning to middle. (i stopped typing it because it turned out much longer than i expected. Just read the captions in the video)

«They gave Dalai Lama the nobel peace prize, saying that he used peaceful means to protect human rights. No such thing. Let me show you some history. Let's see, this is how Tibet, the high class people the Dalai Lama people abuse human rights. Human skin torn out. They said, Dalai Lama commanded — we need to do some religious ceremony and need human skin and they tear out human skin. Human skin. Everybody see, serf's (the lowest caste of Tibetan society) eyes scourged out. Eyes scourged out. From here, chopped off. How it looks like after hand is chopped off. This is the bones of the serf's thigh used to make horn. I take out a few photos to let you all see. This man's arm was chopped off. This is human skin. Adult human skin. Children human skin. All this is gotten — that's why I'm telling you all — Tibet such a dark place — thousand years of darkness, only one party, the Chinese Communist Party, can deal with it. Can solve this problem. Let the Communist solve the problem already. So why you Li Ao is saying this? Because history recorded this, it's recorded this way. »

«Cannot solve the proble with Tibet's darkness. Can you see, now so many international records of human rights abuse, yet he received the Nobel Peace prize. You say, is it scary? Too scary. But you all take a look, Dalai Lama his own self is not too complicated. You see, this is he as a child. Dalai Lama and me are the same age. We were both born in 1935. I was born in April, he was born in July. He is a farmer family child in Qinghai, so, didn't I say before, when the 13th Dala Lama died, he was facing the North East, so they believe that the reincarnation of Dalai Lama must be in the north east, so they go north east and found Qinghai and found him, 2 years after the death of 13th Dala Lama, and say he is the reincarnation of Dalai Lama. By weird circumstances, that's how he became the leader of Tibet. History is this simple. »

«So when Nobel prize is given to Dalai Lama (this is my essay... this is a very ridiculous) because Dalai Lama in the struggle to free Tibet, kept on opposing violence, and advocated using peaceful means based upon tolerance and mutual respect in order to preserve the historical and culture of Tibet. What type of culture? The culture of removing human eyes and cutting one's hands! This type of uncivilized, this type of domination? Such a horrible leader, such a ridiculous administration, supported and affirmed by international emperialism, further, to give him a beautiful halo — by giving him a Nobel peace prize. That's what a peace prize really is. »

«So I'm so angry when i heard this. But how to solve it? We build this railway across it. Did you see it? This year, July 1st, No 1 Qinghai-Tibet railway all the way to Lhasa, into it. You still gonna make noise? »

See also: 14th Dalai Lama↗. Quote:

«In October 1998, the Dalai Lama's administration acknowledged that it received US$1.7 million a year in the 1960s from the U.S. Government through the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and had also trained a guerrilla army in Colorado, (USA). [26][27]»

Quote from 2008 unrest in Tibet↗:

«Chinese newspaper China Daily reported that there has been bias in Western media's coverage of the rioting in Tibet, especially in the captioning and cropping of images and deliberate mispresentation of the situation. The newspaper pointed out Western media sources such as Washington Post used pictures of baton-wielding Nepalese police in clashes with Tibetan protesters in Kathmandu, claiming that the officers were Chinese police. The article stated that Chinese netizens across Beijing were angered by what they saw "biased and sometimes dishonest" reporting by Western media.[123] CNN's John Vause, who reported this story, responded to the criticism saying "...technically it was impossible to include the crashed car on the left..."[124]»

« On March 24, 2008, the German TV news channel RTL disclosed that one photograph depicting rioters had been erroneously captioned. Separately, another German station, n-tv, admitted that it had mistakenly aired footage from Nepal during a story on Chinese riots.[125] »
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