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About the film "Sunrise/Sunset. Dalai Lama XIV"

Russian premiere is on 21st June as part of Perspectives Competition Program at the 30th Moscow International Film Festival (Oktyabr Cinema Center)

Moscow premiere is on July 6, on birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama (Khudozhestvenny Russian Premiere Center)

"Sunrise/Sunset" is not yet another film about a prominent figure. It is a unique documentary to get a real feeling of and hopefully understand a personality that has been a major focus for millions around the world. He is called a wolf in a lamb's skin in his homeland which is in nowadays China, while in America, for instance, he is declared the most outstanding person of ever living on the planet.

We can say it for sure, the filmmakers were just incredibly lucky, or even a miracle happened. The openness and sincerity the Dalai Lama welcomed the film crew with was unprecedented and beyond any possible expression. Although the filmmakers spent relatively short time in the residence of the Tibetan Buddhist leader, they had an almost unlimited access which made the whole shooting process quite unusual. They were equally free in their choice of issues discussed and questions asked to which the Dalai Lama gave candid and explicit answers.

It is worth noting that the filmmakers watched almost every film available on the 14th Dalai Lama produced by various major companies before they started exploring the subject themselves. None of them, quite surprisingly, allowed a closer look at the illustrious being. There was a long row of political manifests, excursions into history of Tibet, and biographical narratives. While being important in their own right, they made it just impossible to see a human being behind a story told.

So Sunrise/Sunset filmmakers thought they have another story to tell, a story of the 14th Dalai Lama as a human being, as one of us. Maybe that is why they realize a huge responsibility they take upon their shoulders whenпїЅthey present the film to the audience. The filmmakers also hope they will be able to present a real big film about a big personality.

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