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We already won a gold medal? That's interesting...

Anyone else here NOT watching any of the Olympics? I know it's not much compared to the awesome demonstrations so many other supporters have done this year but I feel like it is the one thing I can do!

I'll put the rest of my little rant behind a cut...

Someone told me some girl had one a gold medal already and it made my stomach drop. I feel bad for the participants in this year's games that all their hard work will be tainted by the fact they are competing in China. Of course my response to this was something along the lines of, "That's nice - I wonder home many Tibetans died for that even to happen?" They responded with silence.

I just keep thinking of Palden Gyatso, who I met back in college when our SFT chapter hosted him coming to campus. I remember him only asking orange juice and wanting to know when we were going to protest at the state capital. I think of him suffering in a Chinese jail for 30 years - loosing all his teeth because of cattle prods being put in his mouth - and then I remember him as being such a happy, compassionate, and content individual.


I am scared of what I am going to say to the next person who tries to make small talk about the Olympics.
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Yeah I'm in the same boat. My parents watched the opening ceremonies last night while I was visiting and I kept telling them about why I was boycotting they just looked at me as if they were puppies and I was showing them a trick. In talking to my dad this morning, he said I really gave him something to think about though, so maybe its a start.
Not watching a bit of it. Not reading any coverage, either. Trying not to support the advertisers as well.
I do not whatch tis shit too.
:) but do not whatch any tv eather
not a glimpse of the shit.
me too...boycotting everything but news of any demonstrations or actions going on in China or anywhere else.
someone told me today that there was a die-in staged in Tiananmen square.
this http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/News/News_By_Industry/ET_Cetera/Small_pro-Tibet_protest_held_in_Tiananmen_Square/articleshow/3346253.cms
is what i have been able to find out.
I'm not watching *and* when someone at the library asked me if I was yesterday I said exactly why.

A small protest but a very sincere one.
Not watching... and will be glad to explain to people why. For me it's nott only about Tibet, but also human-rights abuses AND animal abuse within China. There are just so many reasons - I'm telling people to pick one.
Not watching, my parents are watching but my dad did make sure we didn't watch the Opening Ceremonies (yay!) (:


August 18 2008, 05:42:50 UTC 8 years ago

by the fact they are competing in China.

that's racist.


August 18 2008, 13:21:59 UTC 8 years ago

Considering he/she does not mention race in the post there is no way this can be seen as racist. If you had said nationalistic one could see where you would get that from.